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Jo's December post

Hello Everyone Merry Christmas, I hope you have all enjoyed yourselves and not over indulged too much lol !! This time last year I brought you a selection of photos of Myddelton in the snow. This year the best I can do is a frost! Most of my photos this month were taken on Sunday 16th. We had a frost over night and it was just melting when I arrived at the garden. It was unusual to find the car park empty so I enjoyed taking some photos there without any distractions. The first photo is an Acer griseum, photo 1. I thought the samara, also called helicopters, hanging from the branches looked like moths waiting for the sun to warm them through, photo 2. Also, on the edge of the car park is th

Providence Row

The Myddelton House Gardens team were hard at work volunteering for Providence Row on Tuesday 27th November. Providence Row is a homeless charity in Tower Hamlets which tackles the root causes of homelessness to help people get off, and stay off, the streets. In 2013 the team at Providence Row transformed their garden to create an ‘urban flowering oasis’; a safe and peaceful space where their clients can escape the harsh realities of life on the streets and relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. The garden is maintained by clients via a gardening trainee scheme, this helps participants to build skills and confidence as they learn how to landscape, plant and grow vegetables alongside staff and

Myddelton House Gardens Volunteers Christmas Thank You

“Every year we hold a party in Myddelton House to thank all our volunteers. It's also an opportunity for the volunteers to meet each other, as they help out on different days or doing different tasks - we have different groups of volunteers that work in the kitchen garden, the arboretum, the glasshouses or even in the office working on our plant database. We celebrate with a few nibbles (that's what that garlic aroma in the house last week), some mulled wine (alcohol free), a slideshow of the garden and some games (they were the animal noises you may have heard). Our kitchen gardener Stephanie also used some of her produce to make pumpkin cakes for everyone to eat or take home. We really cou

Jo's November Post

Hello Everyone Well, Autumn is truly upon us now with dark afternoons and early sunsets. But the weather during the first half of November was lovely so I'm bringing you a reminder of those halcyon days with a tour of the garden looking at all that we love about this wonderful place. First on the list is the house itself. Looking beautiful in the afternoon sunshine and complimented by the Rhus typhina, Staghorn sumac, in one of the beds on the front lawn, photo 1. Also, on the front lawn is another bed with plenty of interest, photo 2. At the beginning of the month the Acer was still retaining its leaves and was surrounded by Lunaria annua, Honesty, its flat round silver seed heads catching

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