Jo's Garden Diary June/July

At the end of June a large trunk of the Cedar tree on the front lawn came down after heavy rain. After inspection by the Enfield Tree Officer it was deemed unsafe and had to be felled. This decision was not taken lightly. The tree was planted in the 1930s and the plan is to make a feature of the remaining trunk. The removed parts of the tree will be 'recycled' in various ways and used in & around the garden & park. There are also comparison panoramic views of the front lawn taken from the front of the house. Views of the tree/house from Tom Tiddler's ground. Tom Tiddlers ground itself, looking lovely in the afternoon sunshine. The pots along the path include the delightful agapanthus.

Quite often overlooked because situated in the back yard is the wonderful Campsis Radicans. It is covered in flowers & very happy where it is!

In another overlooked area, the front drive, you will find the Eucryphia x nymansensis 'Nymansay'. I'm not sure my photo does it justice but I'll just blame the lack of sunshine!

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In addition to Jo's Monthly 'News and Views', we are building an archive of past Newsletters for members, and others, to be able to look back on past achievements and experiences of the wonderful Myddelton House Gardens and the legacy of E A Bowles. Thanks especially to Alan Pettitt for providing much of this material.