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Jo and 2011 Part One

Hello Everyone

Hope this finds you all well.

This week I am featuring 2011. In May I took a photo of the notice board entitled 'Kitchen Garden Renovation 2009 to Present, which would have been 2011, photo 0a. I wish I'd found this earlier so that I could have started with it because the photos are amazing.

The photos were taken by Paul Roper, who was Project Manager for the garden, many thanks for having the foresight to do this, Paul. The board was put together by Paul and Andrew Turvey, Head Garden.

The following pairs of photos are the before, taken in 2009, and the after, taken 2011.

The first pair of photos, 0b, show the Kitchen Garden from the curly leaved laurel looking towards the Glasshouses.

The second pair of photos, 0c, show the reverse view of the previous photo so looking towards the tree from the Glasshouses.

The third pair of photos, 0d, show the Cold Frames.

The fourth pair of photos, 0e, show the site of the cleared Peach House site and the Peach House completed.

The fifth pair of photos, 0f, show the view from the end of the garden near the road looking towards the Rock Garden.

Finally, the sixth pair of photos, 0g, show the Potting Shed before and then completely rebuilt.

An amazing collection that I hoped you've enjoyed.

See you in part two for my round up of 2011.

Best Wishes


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