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Jo's April Photos

Hello Everyone

Well, I think it's safe to say that Spring has finally arrived. After a very strange month of weather I think we're back to normal April weather. So bring on the sunshine & showers.

This edition is full of the wonderful flowers & blossoms that are filling your senses as you walk around the garden.

First up is one of my favourites, the Pond. I have taken this photo from a different angle so that you can enjoy the bluebells that are spreading under the trees, photo 1.

On the other side of the pond the small dark pink magnolia has just burst into flower, photo 2.

Walking around the Pond to the Rose Garden there are more magnolias to enjoy, photo 3, along with the beautiful rhododendron, photo 4 and the vibrant purple tulips in the beds around the Market Cross, photo 5.

Moving on to the Tulip Terrace the very warm weather we had last week has brought all the tulips out in flower, photos 6 and 7, this year they are a wonderful mix of colours and my overall favourite is this one, photo 8.

Further along the Tulip Terrace the leaves on all the trees are opening and the Acer pseudoplatanus 'Brilliantissimum' is definitely the star of the show, photo 9 and with a name like that he deserves it! The leaves are salmon pink in colour when they first appear then turn green through the summer.

Down in the Kitchen Garden the pear trees along the fruit arch have blossomed in more ways than one, photo 10. I think the pear trees will have reached the top of the arch next year as they are nearly there, photo 11, and there is more blossom in the orchard to enjoy, photo 12, as the apple trees don't want to be left out.

Finally, the Front Lawn does not want to be overlooked either and is putting on a wonderful show to welcome visitors to Myddelton, photo 13. I apologise that the photo does not do justice to the very pretty show of bergenias and honesty in the bed under the tree. Then as you walk across in front of the house the camellias, acer and blossom just stop you in your tracks, photo 14. Well, it stops me every time!

I shall leave you with a quick reminder about the Tulip Tea on Sunday 13th May. I hope you will come along and support the garden if you can.

Enjoy the sunshine.



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