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Jo's Review of 2014 Part 2

Hello Everyone

The 28th July 2014 marked the 100th anniversary of the beginning of WW1.

Before the war, nearly 80% of wheat and flour consumed in Britain was imported. The food supply in Britain was seriously affected by naval blockages as it relied on food imports like grains and agricultural products such as nitrate fertilizer. In April 1916, Britain had only 6 weeks supply of wheat remaining and bread was a staple part of most diets.

The British Government implemented measures to increase their food production. The Defence of the Realm Act 1914 empowered the Government to take over 3 million acres of land for farming from 1917-1918. Any area that could grow food was converted to do so. Gardens were turned into allotments and chickens and livestock were kept in back gardens.

As men were called away to the war, the Women's Land Army carried out the farm work.

The annual display on the Tulip Terrace in 2014 was a tribute to the effort made by everyone to feed the nation. This is very similar to what a great many people are doing today whilst we are in lock down fighting another enemy, this time the unseen Covid 19 virus.

The photos are dated are dated as follows:

Photo 1, shows the write up about the display prepared by Andrew. I have used this information in my introduction.

Photo 2, The barley was sown on 14th April and this photo was taken on 26th April.

Photo 3, 6th May.

Photo 4, 17th May.

Photo 5, 10th June.

Photo 6, 24th June.

Photo 7, 18th July.

Photo 8, 19th August.

Photo 9, 9th September, harvest time.

Photo 10, 9th September, the delightful ''corn dollies''made by Dalija.

Photo 11, Poppies were grown in the containers along the terrace as this became the symbolic flower for the war.

Photo 12, The poppy display in front of the Peach House.

I hope you have enjoyed this collection of photos.

Stay safe and keep well.


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