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Jo's Review of 2016

Hello Everyone

I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying your extra time out and about. The Garden is still closed so I shall continue with my look back through the years. It's time for 2016.

At the beginning of January there were several days when the sun shone and all seemed well in the world. A warm coat and a stroll around the garden seemed like a perfect day out. The Rose Garden looked lovely in the afternnon sunshine, photo 1. The following morning I was at the garden again, working this time, and I stopped to watch the heron fishing for his breakfast probably, photo 2. Sometimes, when the fountain is not switched on the reflections in the water are just perfect. Later in the month there were some frosts but that didn't deter the snowdrops from putting on a dazzling display, photo 3.

The crocus collection flowered well that year, photo 4 (Feb 2016) and another visit to the Rock Garden showed that the daffodils were flowering well too, photo 5 (Feb 2016).

In March Ilex crenata, the Japanese holly, had been planted along both sides of the pathway through the Rose Garden, photo 6. The base for the new paths had been laid all the way from the Kitchen Garden to the Alpine Meadow Bridge, photo 7 and in the Alpine Meadow the daffodils were being joined by scilla, photo 8. The scilla was also doing its best to cover the Rock Garden, photo 9.

Moving on to April these delicate Cyclamen repandum were enjoying the protection from the Bamboo which was becoming well established, photo 10. More reflections of the house in the pond and the heron was still fishing, photo 11. The Honesty Bed outside the courtyard had been cleared and was in the process of having a makeover, photo 12. The Conference pear trees in the Fruit Arch were covered in beautiful blossom, photo 13 and the Tulip Terrace was looking delightful, photo 14.

In May the new paths were laid around the Kitchen Garden, photo 15. Here they are in pristine condition, no muddy foot prints to be seen anywhere. I joked at the time that it wasn't true they could be seen in outer space! It is true though that they have made it much easier for wheelchair access all around the garden.

June is always a good time to visit Myddelton. The irises were looking fabulous that year, photo 16. In the Wisley Corner the Nemesia 'Wisley Vanilla' filled the air with their delightful scent, photo 17. Down in the Rock Garden the Hosta Bank was well worth a visit, photo 18 and the Honesty Bed had now been planted up with hundreds of succulents in all shapes and sizes which created a very pretty welcome for our visitors, photo 19.

In July the side of the House was covered in the Rosa banksiae 'Lutea', photo 20 and in the Eremurus Border there were Eremurus flowers again, photo 21.

The display on the Pond Terrace looked stunning in August, photo 22. In the Kitchen Garden the Bean Shard had been moved to it's new home, photo 23 and it looked as though the beans approved of this move. Also in August the Irises were divided. Here you see the tables and tools all laid out ready, photo 24. It was an exceptional hot day for this work hence the umbrellas.

Have you ever wondered why I only show you photos of the Rock Garden in Winter? Well it's because this is what it looked like in September, photo 25. There is always a lot of maintenance work carried out through the Summer. All the dead leaves of the alliums, daffodils and other bulbs planted here have to be cleared away so there is not a lot to see.

October brings Autumn to the garden. The pumpkins and squashes had been harvested and put on display, photo 26. The Wild Garden was a riot of colour, photo 27 and the trees in the Alpine Meadow wanted to join in too, Photo 28.

In November the Taxodium distichum, the Swamp cypress, wanted to show everyone just who was the boss, photo 29 and 30. Which ever way you looked at it.

Then finally, another of Daljia's splendid creations was on display in front of the house, photo 31 (Dec 2016). They were always clever, interesting and different. These impressed everyone who visited the garden.

I hope you have enjoyed this wander through 2016 with me.

Stay safe and keep alert.

Best Wishes


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