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'Gussie' and the Forty Hill Boys

This photo was taken 90 years ago of Mr Bowles , his dog and some Forty Hill Boys , When I enhanced the photo (below) , I was surprised to see the faint reflections of boys' faces in the window of the door on the left ...One is wearing shirt and tie , all are laughing ....

Jo's 2020 News and Views June

Hello Everyone I hope you are all keeping well and not getting too excited about being allowed out to play again! To keep us going, I am sharing Steph's photos from Instagram that she has taken throughout the month June. They give us a good idea of how well the garden is doing. I just wish I could have bought some of this beautiful produce. Hope there will be more available when the gates open again. First of all there is a selection of the irises. It has been a good year for them. 1. Dusky Challenger 2. Stairway to Heaven 3. Shepherd's Delight 4. Benton Cordelia 5. Thornbird 6. Florentine Silk 7. Song of Norway 8. Argus Pheasant 9. Patterdale 10. Edith Wolford 11. Before the Storm 12. Iris

Jo's News and Views 2020

Hello Everyone So I hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane over the last 10 weeks looking back through the years. Now, as I mentioned, it's 'Back to the Future'. The photos I'm sharing with you are courtesy of Steph Green, the Kitchen Gardener and Richard Harmes the Head Gardener. First of all let's start with Steph. Since Steph started working at Myddelton she has created an account on Instagram. For those of you not familiar with this term, Instagram is a photo sharing application that you add to your mobile phone. It is a visual platform for people to share their photos. People with an account have a user name, for example, Steph's is @thekitchgardener. You can then attach hashtags to

Jo's 2019 Review

Hello Everyone Hope you are all keeping well. Mixed bag of weather this week with more rain on the way but we all know our gardens need it so let it rain. We are now reaching the end of this series of reviews as I'm writing about 2019 this week. I know it was only last year but I've found some photos I haven't shared before so this is another view of the garden you may not have seen. Let's start with this view taken in January 2019, photo 1. I'm standing on the lawn in front of the side of the house looking towards Bowling Green Lawn. It includes part of the Front Lawn and part of the Headache Tree Bed with the Parrotia persica in the middle with a sea of white under it being the snowdrops a

Jo's 2018 Review Continued...

Hello Everyone The weather is changing and it will be cooler for a while which is good news for me. I do enjoy the sunshine but these days I prefer it to be cooler to work in the garden. I expect there has been lots of watering going on at Myddelton. Hopefully they will get one of these random showers they're talking about on the weather forecast! So what was happening in 2018? Well, it was a bumper year for everything, flowers, blossom, fruit, vegetables. They all were amazing that year. Starting in January on the main drive the Sequoioideae, or Redwood as it's more commonly known, looked very statuesque in the Winter sunshine, photo 1. By February the Torii Seat in the Rock Garden looked a

Jo's 2017 review

Hello Everyone Well, I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the fine weather. It is now time for 2017 which was a busy year for changes in the garden and a great year for flowers of every description. In January the work on the wall supporting the flower bed that runs along the New River Lawn at the Alpine Meadow end was nearing completion. All the stones had been removed from the bank and painstakingly cleaned and replaced. A great job carried out by Gary and Heather, photo 1. Back in 2011 I mentioned the renovation that took place on the yew hedge in the allotment area. Well, fast forward 6 years to February 2017 and it looks really good. The snowdrops that were planted in this borde

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