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Jo's Review of 2012 continued

Hello Everyone Welcome again to 2012. The highlight of that year was the grand opening of the Glasshouses. The Gardeners had worked tirelessly to make sure everything was ready for the big day and the garden looked beautiful. But just for a moment I would like to take you back to where this story began. The original tiled pathway that runs through the Glasshouses had been uncovered back in 2010, photo 1 (Mar 2011). This was discussed by the Members of the LVRPA and a decision was made that the Glasshouses should be rebuilt and that the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority would fund the project separately from the Heritage Lottery Funding already in place. A budget of £350,000 was made availab

Jo's Review of 2012

Hello Everyone So here we are looking at 2012. So many things changed in this year so here is a look at most of them. One thing that doesn't change is the timeless beauty of the house itself. With the added interest of the reflection in the pond this is one of my favourite views, photo 1 (Jan 2012). Changes were happening in the Kitchen Garden. The new Glasshouses were nearing completion, photo 2 (Jan 2012). Whilst the old Glasshouses were there one week, photo 3 (6th Jan 2012) and gone the next, photo 4 (20th Jan 2012). The snowdrops were amazing that year and continued to flower throughout February, photo 5 (Feb 2012). Back in the Kitchen Garden the new bed created in front of the Peach Ho

Bryan from behind the locked gates..

This week and Richard sprayed the weeds and trimmed the hedges in the car park while its unoccupied the tulips are looking amazing in the planters.

Jo's Review of 2011 Part Two

Hello Everyone Well, continuing with my story of the garden I am now moving through 2011. I still wasn't yet in the habit of taking photos on every visit but I have enough to show you the highlights of an exciting year. My first photos are from February 2011. It was a very good year for snowdrops, photo 1. As you can see here in photo 2, the mounds are defined by large stones now and covered in snowdrops. In photo 3 is the beautiful Galanthus plicatus 'E. A. Bowles'. The flower of this snowdrop is said to be unique as all of it's six outer petals are of equal length, without any green markings, and it has no inner ones. It was first sold at the snowdrop gala held at Queenswood School, Hertfo

Jo and 2011 Part One

Hello Everyone Hope this finds you all well. This week I am featuring 2011. In May I took a photo of the notice board entitled 'Kitchen Garden Renovation 2009 to Present, which would have been 2011, photo 0a. I wish I'd found this earlier so that I could have started with it because the photos are amazing. The photos were taken by Paul Roper, who was Project Manager for the garden, many thanks for having the foresight to do this, Paul. The board was put together by Paul and Andrew Turvey, Head Garden. The following pairs of photos are the before, taken in 2009, and the after, taken 2011. The first pair of photos, 0b, show the Kitchen Garden from the curly leaved laurel looking towards the G

from Bryan....

This Cyclamen is Cyclamen repandum , I have been propagating for this area in the Bamboo Border ,They are descendants of Bowles’ original plants, In a sort of woodland walk setting ,which is ideal for these hardy shade-loving plants ….from Southern Europe and some Mediterranean Islands ….Further below an uncommon, woodland plant Anemone Ranunculoides or (Wood Ginger).

Jo's tour of 2010 at Myddelton

Hello Everyone I hope you are all keeping well and coping with the restrictions that the current crisis has placed upon us. As we all need distractions at this difficult time I have come up with an idea of sending out a weekly newsletter with highlights from each of the last 10 years. I started volunteering at Myddelton in May 2010 and very quickly fell in love with every inch of the garden. So this is not an editorial or a complete account of what has happened but more a personal recollection of the events that I have been privileged to witness. The Heritage Lottery Funded Restoration project started in Spring 2009 and was well under way during 2010 being largely completed by March 2011. My

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