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Jo's News and Views 2020

Hello Everyone

So I hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane over the last 10 weeks looking back through the years. Now, as I mentioned, it's 'Back to the Future'. The photos I'm sharing with you are courtesy of Steph Green, the Kitchen Gardener and Richard Harmes the Head Gardener.

First of all let's start with Steph. Since Steph started working at Myddelton she has created an account on Instagram. For those of you not familiar with this term, Instagram is a photo sharing application that you add to your mobile phone. It is a visual platform for people to share their photos. People with an account have a user name, for example, Steph's is @thekitchgardener. You can then attach hashtags to your photos so that people can follow themes or look up specific items e.g. #myddeltonhousegardens or #iris. This is a way of allowing more people to find your photos. It sounds more complicated than it is and it is quite easy to set up. Once you start looking at Steph's photos you'll be hooked. Not only are they very good photos but the information she adds is also very interesting and quite often amusing.

Thank you for allowing me to share your photos, Steph. These are a selection from May 2020.

1. The Annual Cut Flower Bed

2. Heritage Sweet Peas

3. Coppiced Hazel Sticks

4. The Dykes Medal Winning Irises

5. Poppies

6. Fruit Tree Arch

7. A Mint Moth on the Chive Flowers

8. The Squash Bed

The Squash Bed has had 8 dumpy bags of manure added to it and then later 56 squash plants of 16 heritage varieties were planted.

Now it's Richard's turn. I really do appreciate the fact that Richard has taken time out of his busy and hectic schedule to take these photos for me. I'm very hopeful that as most businesses are starting to open I will be able to visit the garden and take some photos for myself to share with you in July.

Richard's photos have also been taken through May 2020. The poppies in the Kitchen Garden look stunning and are always a show stopper, photo 9. Also here in the Kitchen Garden is the Phacelia, photo 10. It is grown as a green manure and Steph always leaves a small patch for the pollinators to enjoy. The small bed next to the Alpine Meadow Bridge has been planted with Festuca glauca, commonly known as Blue fescue, photo 11. It has been planted to give the illusion of water under the bridge. Further along the lawn near the house is this lovely tree, the Phellodendron, or Cork-tree, photo 12. It really is a tree for all seasons as it looks beautiful all through the year.

Moving on to the New River Lawn someone has been very busy weeding the long bed that runs along here, photo 13. It looks immaculate so well done to whoever is responsible. Next is a different view through the Pergola Garden looking towards the Rose Garden, photo 14. The display on the steps outside the Chief Executive's Office look lovely this year too, photo 15. Then we have a couple of views of the Pond. A great favourite with a lot of people, including me, and it is looking so tranquil in these photos, 16 and 17. The next photo was taken very early in the morning hence the shadows but the promise of beauty is still there, photo 18. Talking of beauty here is the young wisteria on the Sunken Lawn, photo 19. Growing in stature every year and looking fabulous.

Then we have our fauna offering. You can tell Richard has been paying attention to my newsletters! This female mallard is enjoying the peace and quiet in the garden. Here she is with her ducklings, photo 20. Finally, a rare treat. This is a photo of the silver birch log in the water by the Wisteria Bridge and if you look closely you can see a tiny tadpole, photo 21. I wonder if any others survived??

I hope you have enjoyed this glimpse of the garden.

Take care and continue to stay safe.

Best Wishes


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