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Jo's August News

Dear All

Well, another mixed bag of weather for us through August. Temperatures soaring up to 38 and then Storm Henry arrived who seemed to say 'well, you did ask for rain' !!!

Unfortunately, I don't have enough photos to show you this month so I've turned to Steph Green, the Kitchen Gardener, for inspiration. The photos that Steph posts on Instagram are fabulous and show the garden at its best. There are also little nuggets of information that help us follow what is happening in the garden. The photos are so beautiful, so thank you Steph.

This year the Kitchen Garden is part of Capital Groweth's Community Harvest. All of the produce is being donated to those who need it most in the community. An excellent cause to be involved with.

So here is a small selection of photos showing the garden through August.

Photo 1. Overview of the rotation beds.

Photo 2. The Borlotto 'Lingua di Fuoco' beans. Steph has been picking the beans 3 times a week and the 4 wigwams have produced over 18 kg of beans so far this season.

Photo 3. Blauhide beans. So beautiful in the sunshine.

Photo 4. The Kitchen Garden has produced over 262 kg of produce so far, enough to provide 3277 meals. That's amazing!

Photo 5. The friendliest of the nightshade family, this is Aubergine 'Casper'.

Photo 6. Ornamental gourd, 'Gremlins Warty Mix'.

Photo 7. Another stunning ornamental gourd.

Photo 8. The distinctive blue flowers of Cichorium endiva, common chicory, left to go to seed in the Kitchen Garden.

Photo 9. There are 406 metres of Teucrium x lucidrys in the Kitchen Garden and it is an absolute bee magnet.

Photo 10. The Cut Flower bed waiting for rain earlier in the month.

Photos 11, 12 and 13. The beautiful orange cosmos in the Cut Flower bed. Absolutely stunning.

Photo 14. River of rudbeckia running through the Cut Flower bed.

Photo 15. The garden is full of common frogs with their distinctive eye stripe and barred legs. They are a good sign of biodiversity and a welcome natural predator.

Many thanks to Steph for these fabulous photos. I hope to be back to normal for September but I know where I'll be going for help if I need it!

Hope you've enjoyed the photos too.

Take care and keep well.

Best Wishes


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