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Jo's February 2021 News and Views

Hello Everyone

When we look out of our windows and see the blue sky and sunshine our thoughts immediately turn to Spring. I know mine do. Unfortunately, because the national lockdown continues and Richard has been on furlough leave through February I do not have any current photos to share with you but fear not, as someone once said, I do have photos in my collection from Februarys past that I think you'll enjoy. So here is a touch of Spring to help you on your way.

Starting with February 2014 we have the hellebores on the Front Lawn, photo 1. There were hellebores and snowdrops near the Alpine Meadow Bridge, photo 2 and down in the Rock Garden the display of daffodils and snowdrops were a delight to behold, photo 3.

Next we have 2015 and the Rock Garden was smothered in snowdrops, photo 4. The crocus collection flowered well that year, photo 5 and the Kitchen Garden had been prepared for the Spring planting programme, photo 6.

In 2016 the Eremurus border was just taking shape, photo 7. The Rock Garden was full of snowdrops and daffodils, photo 8 and 9 and the Lathraea clandestina had already started flowering, photo 10.

Moving onto 2017 we have the Winter Bed on the New River Lawn, photo 11. Full of those beautiful white stems of the trees and shrubs there. It was a very good year for the snowdrops. They covered every inch of the Rock Garden, photos 12, 13, 14 and 15. The fruit cages had been prepared for the fruit bushes to be planted there, photo 16 and the crocuses looked beautiful, 17.

Well, we had our fair share of snow at the beginning of this month, February 2021 and we had quite a lot in February 2018 too. Here is a selection of photos that I took that year. I started taking the photos just after 11am in brilliant sunshine but had to run for the car by 12pm as the clouds had arrived bringing more snow with them, photos 18 to 28. Oh, you can't beat the British weather, can you? It's so good at bringing all four seasons in one day!

I hope you have enjoyed this wander through the years with me. Hopefully normal service will be resumed next month!

Best Wishes



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