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New staff join Myddelton House Gardens

New staff join Myddelton House Gardens Team Over the past few weeks Myddelton House Gardens Team has been busy recruiting. Eliza Kemp started her role with the team at the beginning of November and Stephanie Green just last week. Iain Crane will also be joining the team at the beginning of December. Here are a few words of introduction from our their recruits: Eliza Kemp – Gardener and Outreach Worker Hi, I'm Eliza. I might have met some of you already as I have been working at Myddelton House over the summer - starting off in the cafe and then doing a day a week in the gardens. I have worked in and studied Horticulture and design for the last few years and am looking forward to building on that knowledge this coming year (I'm sure with the help of all your knowledge and experience!). I am also interested in building the gardens ties with the community and encouraging more people to come and see all our hard work. I am very open to any suggestions, information or connections that you may have and I look forward to getting to know you all over the coming months. Stephanie Green – Kitchen Gardener Hello, I'm Stephanie and I’ll be managing the kitchen garden at Myddelton. I've been volunteering on the kitchen garden team since July alongside volunteering at Forty Hall Farm and Capel Manor College. I have an Advanced Diploma in Horticulture and I'm looking forward to building on my experience. I believe the enjoyment of gardening is all about learning, and I love researching the garden history and applying it to the kitchen garden. Working as a team with volunteers is a great opportunity to share our knowledge and strive to demonstrate the Edwardian heritage of the kitchen garden whilst producing amazing crops. Iain Crane – Horticultural Apprentice Hello, I'm Iain. I did some volunteering at Myddelton House this summer and was very impressed. I've been studying Horticulture at Capel College for the last few years and this will continue one day a week. Having volunteered for several years with the National Trust I am well aware of how vital volunteers are, and look forward to working with those with a passion for gardening, and learning from everybody. “It's going to be an exciting year ahead and I’m looking forward to everything we have in store for 2018!” James Hall and the Gardens Team.

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Here they are again...the ever popular; 'Jills Botanicals 2024'

Monday June 17th till Sunday June 23rd.10am till 4pm daily 

In the Coach House, Cafe Courtyard, MHG.

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